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GREEN Landscapes Initiative

Our outdoor spaces are filled with opportunities to support a healthy environment. The GREEN Landscapes Initiative aims to show how landscaping can be more than just a pretty façade, it can be built from the ground up to work with nature, instead of against it.

The GREEN Landscapes Initiative was developed by Wild Bloom to serve three main functions:


Educate consumers and professionals on landscaping practices that are beneficial to the environment.



Provide resources to help homeowners and businesses implement this type of landscaping at their properties.



Certify landscaping that meets the GREEN Landscapes criteria.

What is a GREEN Landscape?

Good Soil

Healthy soil is full of microorganisms that help to break down pollutants, sequester carbon, and reduce the need for fertilizers. Good soil is the backbone of sustainable landscaping.

Rainwater Catchment

Using rainwater in the landscape reduces the need for supplemental irrigation which helps preserve our fresh water supply. Diverting rainwater run-off from roofs, patios, and driveways also reduces the amount of pollutants that are carried to our waterways and the ocean.

Environmentally Efficient

Environmental efficiency is built into a GREEN Landscape. Low-maintenance requirements reduce the amount of fuels, fertilizers, and herbicides that are needed after the landscape is built. Low water requirements means less power is needed for the distribution of potable water. The plantings sequester carbon and provide habitat for beneficial insects and birds. Pollutants are naturally filtered by soil microorganisms.

Native Plants

Native plants make up the majority of the plantings in a GREEN Landscape. Natives are perfectly adapted to our climate, soils, and native fauna. This makes them ideal for low-maintenance, water-wise gardens.

More about the GREEN Landscapes Initiative

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