Stunning & Sustainable

Relax and enjoy the company of friends and family in a diverse garden filled with vibrant colors and enticing scents. With our dry California climate, watering restrictions, and high water rates, there has never been a better time to convert your landscape or lawn to drought-tolerant landscaping. California is home to an abundance of plants and landscaping materials to choose from, so your outdoor space will not only be low-maintenance and water-wise, but completely customized for your lifestyle.

Planting Positive Change

  • Smart ecological designs reduce water usage and ongoing maintenance
  • Native and climate adapted plants thrive, even in dry weather
  • Water-wise horticulture and landscape construction principles enhance your outdoor living space
  • Custom landscaping means your outdoor space will be perfectly suited to your lifestyle
  • Artistically designed hardscapes compliment drought-tolerant gardens
  • Enjoy a lush and healthy yard no matter the season

Less Water. More Wonder.

On average, a small 1,000 square foot lawn uses between 50,000 and 75,000 gallons of water per year. A landscape filled with native and climate adapted plants uses a fraction of that. We live in a dry climate that is not meant for growing turf grass or high water landscapes. Keeping them green requires an extraordinary amount of water. In California, we must do all we can to conserve our fresh water supplies. Replacing your lawn or high water use plants with drought-tolerant landscaping is a great place to start!

Questions to consider about your drought-tolerant landscaping

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