Landscape Maintenance

Space to Grow

We believe a vibrant garden is within your reach, but we don’t believe it should take a ton of maintenance to achieve. Wild Bloom practices holistic and specialized garden maintenance methods to make your landscape more self-sustaining. This saves time, effort, is better for the earth, and ultimately leads to a healthier outdoor space.

Landscape Maintenance Services

Customized to meet your unique needs, services provided may include: shrub, ornamental grass, and small tree pruning, sustainable weed management, hardscape clearing, leaf and debris removal, compost tea application, irrigation checkups, and monthly reports.

Wild Bloom Maintenance Plans...

  • Encourage natural plant growth with seasonal pruning instead of constant hedging and shaping
  • Lower ongoing maintenance and water needs by removing turf grass and installing climate appropriate plants
  • Foster healthy soil to make your plants grow faster and be more resilient by using compost tea and mulch instead of applying endless applications of fertilizer
  • Utilize mulch, biodegradable paper, and other organic techniques for weed management instead of dousing your yard with pesticides
  • Monitor your plants and irrigation to reduce watering needs over time

Personal Consultations

The consultation is all about discovering how we can best help you. While we do have several standard questions we like to ask, it’s mostly about listening to you. We want to learn what you like about your landscape, what you dislike, what frustrates you, what you value most about it, and more. Through this discovery process we can customize a maintenance plan that will fit your needs.

The consultation usually takes about a half hour and includes a walkthrough of the property so that we can make sure we address every part of the landscape. After we have a good sense of the services you will benefit from and the amount of time it will take to meet your needs, we will email a written quote to you. From there, you can choose to begin maintenance with Wild Bloom and we will get started right away.



After your consultation, we will offer a quote for the monthly cost based on the estimated time and materials needed to maintain your landscaping. If you’d like a lower monthly cost, we can adjust the duties to be performed at your property. If you would like more work done, we can increase the amount of time that is spent there. We also allow for seasonal flexibility. Some landscapes don’t require as much maintenance in certain parts of the year. Rather than charging you the same amount year round regardless of the workload, we can adjust accordingly.

Questions to consider
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