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An eco-friendly solution for walkways & patios

Thanks to our beautiful California weather, outdoor living spaces are a natural extension of our homes. Patios, pergolas, outdoor dining areas, and outdoor kitchens are all inviting ways to unwind outside or entertain guests in a uniquely personal setting.

Wild Bloom crafts artistic hardscape features for any and all outdoor environments. From masonry walls to driveways, our hardscape specialists emphasize aesthetics and lasting durability.

Outdoor Living & Hardscape Features

  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Outdoor Rooms
  • Pergolas & Patio Covers
  • Fire Pits
  • Masonry
  • Stone Walls
  • Outdoor Artwork
  • Patio Furniture
  • Seating Walls

Creative & Conscientious

Stormwater pollution is a serious threat to our local plants and wildlife. Every time it rains, water flows off impervious surfaces throughout our cities.

Roofs, patios, walkways, and driveways all drain into the storm system. The water that flows off these surfaces carries pollutants that have built up between rains. These pollutants harm fragile marine and riparian ecosystems.

Minimizing impervious surfaces by choosing to build permeable hardscapes is one way to be part of the solution. Permeable patios, walkways, and driveways keep our waterways and the ocean cleaner by allowing rainwater to soak into the ground, where the soil acts as a natural filter.

There are many beautiful options for materials and designs, making permeable hardscaping as easy on the eyes as it is on the earth.


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