2018 Landscaping Predictions

It’s a new year which means you have probably already been inundated with lists of new trends for 2018. However, I doubt you’ve seen a list yet for landscaping, and if you are thinking about doing some outdoor home improvement projects this year, you’ll want to be clued into the latest and greatest the world of landscaping has to offer.

So what’s in store for 2018? Here are my top 5 predictions:
Art Gar

1.Art gardens (not to be confused with garden art)

As the California “drought-tolerant landscape” look has become mainstream and matured into arguably the most common type of landscape seen on the Central Coast, people will start wanting to add more artistic flair to their outdoor space. This can be accomplished by using rare plant varietals, unique building materials, or artfully laid out designs. Water conservation and low-maintenance needs will still be standard in these gardens, but they will stand out from the norm and be more customized to the individual tastes of the homeowner.

2.Permeable hardscapes will continue to gain momentum

The concept of building patios, walkways, and driveways out of materials that allow rainwater to permeate into the soil has already been embraced by landscapers and homeowners in the know. This momentum will continue to build as awareness increases and even more products become available. A rise in codes requiring the use of permeable hardscapes will also contribute to this. This trend is a win/win for the environment and homeowner as it helps reduce stormwater pollution while adding extra water to the soil.

3.New plants will come into vogue

Plants, like fashion accessories, come in and out of vogue. So what plants will be all the rage in 2018? Look for plants such as Calamagrostis, Grevillia, Penstemon, Hummingbird Sage, and Leucadendron to continue to gain popularity. In reality though, plant beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there are so many great options to choose from that it’s unnecessary to try to find out what’s most popular.

4.More lawn alternatives

Traditional water and maintenance loving yards are still on the way out. Instead, homeowners who want lawn areas are opting for eco and time friendly alternatives. Kurapia, Sedge, and groundcovers such as Dymondia will take the place of traditional lawns. As a result, less water will go to the landscape and people will be spending less time behind the mower. Yay!

5.Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens (aka hanging gardens, succulent walls, or vertical plant walls) will gain popularity as a way to use blank outdoor wall space and make the landscape more unique. One can build a vertical garden to grow vegetables, or they can go a more artistic direction and create a “painting” out of plants. This is a great way to break up large blank walls and to add more dimension into your outdoor space.