Backyard Patio Design Ideas

Putting a patio in your backyard or upgrading the one you have is a really awesome way to extend your living space to the outdoors. Here in the San Luis Obispo area, you can take advantage of your patio for most of the year. Plus, you could even put in a fireplace to extend the days you’re able to enjoy being outside.

There are many different patio styles that we’ve had the pleasure of designing and installing. Whether you have a large space or a smaller one, we can help you create the gorgeous patio of your dreams! Check out these examples to help spark some ideas.

Permeable Patio + Pergola & Kitchen

This client really wanted to a large space to entertain in their backyard. So, in addition to installing a large permeable patio, we also built an outdoor kitchen and pergola. It’s important for a patio space to be permeable to allow water to flow through it and down into the ground underneath, rather than just running off. For this particular project, we also installed a lot of water-efficient plants and a low water sedge lawn.

Decomposed Granite Patio

Finished DG patio in San Luis Obispo

Decomposed granite is an easy, affordable option for building patios and walkways. The material itself is relatively inexpensive, and the labor required to build a walkway or patio from DG is often simple and fast. Plus, it’s permeable! This makes it a great alternative to more costly hardscape options such as concrete or pavers. For this particular project, we removed the overgrown weeds and installed a walkway and two patios to create an eco-friendly space to hang out. This backyard ended up winning the Central Coast Green Building Council’s 2017 Green Landscape award!

Paver Patio + Sitting Wall

Paver patio is a comfortable place to relax and entertain guests.

This style of paver patio uses “old world cobble” style pavers. For this project, we added extra seating by building a pretty and functional wall on the edge of the patio. Talk to us for more ideas about adding extra seating!

Flagstone Patio

Los Osos sustainable landscaping company

Flagstone is a gorgeous material for patios. Also permeable, this patio functions as a relaxing getaway just outside this client’s back door. Around the patio are water-efficient plants.

Flagstone Walkway

Patio and walkway in San Luis Obispo landscaping.

This is the same project as the paver patio + sitting wall above, but we just had to also share how flagstone looks when used in a walkway. It’s such a natural-looking pathway! We framed this one with Dymondia, a low water groundcover which will fill in to surround the stones.

Hopefully these patio designs give you some ideas for your landscaping. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to schedule a project assessment where we can discuss different patio styles and help you find the best solution for your outdoor space.