Welcome to the Greener Environments Blog!

Imagine you are sitting in your very own paradise. What does that look like to you?

To me, it looks like this: I’m on a hammock sipping the most hydrating and delicious fruit infused water while all of my senses are experiencing the wildlife of my garden move before me. My sage plants are wafting a spicy scent my way. The sound of hummingbirds wings are all around as I watch them sip the nectar of florescent colored flowers. Hugging the fence is a trumpet vine which is letting just enough sunshine through to warm my face. Happy bees are busy pollinating my fruit orchard and the thought of harvesting that first peach of the summer excites me. Now the breeze is carrying the relaxing scent of lavender over my face as I fall asleep and dream of a home grown feast that starts with a tomato cucumber salad and ends with cherry pie. I am a happy and grateful person because I get to live in my paradise everyday in my own backyard. If your imagined paradise is somewhat similar to mine, then read on friends, because we are going to explore how to create this for you.

Hi! I’m Melody, with Greener Environments Landscaping Company. Welcome to our blog where we will be discussing how to create your very own dream garden and how you can keep it thriving.

My husband Luke and I fell in love over pots of dirt and tomato seeds and together we have grown a baby and tons of beautiful gardens along California’s central coast. We love what we do and we want to share our enthusiasm with you. In this blog we want to help you understand how to maintain a lush, vibrant outdoor setting. Whether you are entertaining guests in your backyard or meeting new clients at your business, we want people to remark on how beautiful your landscape is, and for you to be proud that you have been a part of the process.

Luke and I are going to cover a wide range of topics such as plant nutrient deficiencies, how to attract wildlife in your garden, how to get rid of pests naturally, mulching, making walkways, and water issues, just to name a few.

And we want to know you! We want you to get involved and email us topic requests or ask us any specific gardening questions, or to just email us to say hello. So thank you for stopping by. We’re happy to be here and are excited to get our hands dirty and get to blogging.

Next week we will talk about what “greener” means to us. For now though I’m going to enjoy that delicious lavender induced nap. Looking forward to next time!