City of Santa Clarita Turf Removal Project

Wild Bloom will begin a large turf removal project for the city of Santa Clarita next week. The work, which involves replacing the grass with low water use plants, will take place in the city medians.

Many cities throughout the state have been prompted to reduce turf areas in order to meet strict water use requirements set forth by bills passed under Governor Jerry Brown. The bills were aimed at preparing the state for future droughts by decreasing the total amount of water used by cities throughout California.

To accomplish this task, Wild Bloom will be removing and replacing turf, trees, and shrubs throughout the city medians. Included in the scope of work is traffic control, installing decorative pavers, moisture barriers, and a new water efficient irrigation system.

The work will take place in May and extend into June. Upon completion, the median areas of Santa Clarita will not only be ready for the next drought, they will be more attractive and eye catching for residents and visitors of the city.