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Five of the Best Landscapers in San Luis Obispo County

SLO County is fortunate to have a wealth of talented landscaping companies. Here are a few of our favorites…

(Updated: June 2024)

We meet with many home and business owners each month around San Luis Obispo to discuss their landscaping needs. One of the most common questions we get is from people who are wondering who our competitors are. Since we believe in being completely open and honest with our potential customers, we’ve compiled a list of landscaping companies who we have seen do exceptional work. Choosing a landscaping company can be an intimidating process, but it is our hope that this list will help you to make an informed decision.

1) Madrone Landscapes– Based in Atascadero, Madrone has been in business for a long time. They have a lot of projects under their belt, and work on both commercial and residential spaces. They have a natural style that includes many grasses, boulders, native plants, and impressive hardscapes. We are always keeping an eye out for beautiful landscapes, and many of our favorites have been built by Madrone.

2) Sage Ecological Landscapes– Sage is located in Los Osos, where they also have their very own nursery that is open to the public. They focus on sustainable and ecological landscaping throughout the Central Coast. Sage creates some very unique and artistic landscapes that are truly beautiful. Sage is very good at what they do and we appreciate their commitment to environmentally friendly landscaping.

3) Gardens by Gabriel– Located in Morro Bay, Gardens by Gabriel is another landscaping company that focuses on sustainability. What we really like about Gardens by Gabriel is their use of unique and interesting plants. They go beyond choosing the standard landscape plants by including specimens that are both attractive and compelling.

4) Purlieu Landscapes- Based in SLO, Purlieu is an ecologically friendly landscape design/build company that offers excellent service and gorgeous results. These guys are truly doing excellent work and we are all better for it.

5) Wild Bloom- Yep, this is a shameless plug for our company, but it’s true. You simply aren’t going to find another landscaping company in San Luis Obispo County that has more passion for creating landscapes than us. We’ve dedicated our business to helping you save water, reduce maintenance, and add natural beauty to your property. Our specialties are native landscapes and natural design. We love our customers and take great pride in making the landscaping process fun and exciting. Getting Started is easy, simply click here to get ahold of us!

It was hard to narrow down a list of 5 of the best landscapers in SLO County, but there you have it. Anyone who knows us knows that we are true admirers of a beautiful landscape. These are the companies that have stood out to us.

Hiring a landscaper can be a scary process. Just remember to do your research, ask plenty of questions, and choose a company that not only will do an exceptional job, but will make the process pain free and fun, just like it should be.