Are You Having Fun? (a holiday message)

The December holidays can be divisive. Some people love this time of year while others can’t wait for it to be over. No matter which camp you’re in, there is no denying the power of the holiday season. I believe it’s the combination of change and tradition that makes it so compelling. Winter is setting in, the new year is coming up, even our daily schedules are a bit different than usual with days off and holiday parties. Meanwhile, we are steeped in the traditions we have set year after year. Putting up the holiday decorations, attending family dinners, annual parties, and other yearly events are all taking place this month. This collision of transition and tradition can be jarring, exciting, and hopefully… fun.

I believe the trick to keeping it fun is not loosing sight of what you enjoy, or don’t enjoy about the holiday season. If you love Christmas music (like me), then make sure you are filling your ears with it every chance you get. If you love snow globes (again, like me…), then I hope you are spending countless hours gazing into those snowy orbs.

On the other hand, if you hate the Christmas crowds, then spend your time out in nature enjoying a hike in our beautiful wilderness areas. If you’re not fond of Christmas parties, stay home and watch Home Alone. If you despise holiday shopping, find a way to make it easy on yourself. Maybe just get everyone on your list a book, or heck, even forego gift giving altogether this year.

The point is, whether or not you love the holidays, I’d like to encourage you to find a way to have fun this time of year. Make the most of the remaining days of 2017 by focusing your attention on what you are grateful for and what you enjoy doing. Think “how could I make this next week even more fun?” That’s my holiday wish for you.


Luke Huskey

President, Wild Bloom