Wild Bloom Awarded Contract for Badger Forest Fire Station

Wild Bloom has been awarded a contract to construct the landscaping for the new Badger Forest Fire Station in Fresno County. Slated to be completed in late 2019, this fire-safe landscape will be an example to homeowners and businesses alike for how Californians can have attractive outdoor spaces while keeping a defensible zone around flammable structures.

Fire safe landscaping  helps protect your property from forest fires by decreasing the amount of combustible material near buildings. Fire safe landscaping techniques include:

  • The use of fire resistant plants.
  • The use of materials that are not flammable such as rocks and pavers.
  • Widely spaced trees and groups of plants.
  • Limit the use of bark mulch.
  • Ensure plants are properly pruned and irrigated.
  • Carefully eliminate ladder fuels by ensuring horizontal and vertical separation between plants.

The Badger Forest Fire Station will include fire resistant native plants such as Oaks, Manzanita, and Coffee Berry. Gravel and cobble mulch will be used around the building as well as a large irrigated native meadow.

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